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Established in 1997 Purity Beauty Salon has grown from strength to strength through the visualisation and determination to bring a calming, relaxing & spiritual experience for the body's needs. With all our therapists having a wealth of experience and knowledge this is what makes Purity Tidworths No. 1 Salon.

Yvonne Shelly Ward started her journey as a beautican in a small back room, now 21 years on she is highly respected in her field. She has also experienced the hard work it demands to build a business. Through her journey Yvonne has been lucky and thankful to have some amazing people and therapists come into her life. With a strong belief that everyday new people come into our lives, wheter it's for a split second, a minute, a year or a lifetime, we come into each others lives for a reason.

Purity is all about a calm, spiritual and relaxing sanctuary for the body, both inside and out, to come and detox the negative and stressful energies away. It also encourages the mind, body & soul to embrace positivity and good energies to repair, heal and rejuvenate itself.

Creators of the world's most luxurious spa's, ESPA has pioneered the science of natural beauty to create a range for the face and body. Using only the very purest natural extracts, infused into heavenly, highly efficacious formulations, these ORGANIC/VEGAN products will help you achieve and maintain healthy, beautiful skin.

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And Hair...


After working within Purity Beauty Salon for 6 years Serenity Hair was established. 

B bought Serenity Hair to life after working for herself within other salons for 20 years. B has a very loyal clientele and is hoping to give others the opportunities she has been given to learn and grow.

Serenity Hair is a Montibello Salon. Montibello is a family run business from Barcelona, Spain that are always striving for growth and success.

Sharing many of the same values as Purity, we are hoping to bring the two series together to make one unique experience.





Two beautiful services make one unique experience...






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