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Waxing Care Advice...

Before Your Wax:

Let It Grow

For those of you new to the waxing game, going in for a waxing appointment can feel like gearing up for battle.

Read on, banish your fears and venture out for that Brazilian you've been wanting for bikini season!

Don't even think about booking an appointment unless you've gone 10 to 14 days without shaving or up to 3 weeks if waxing , and have at least ¼ inch of hair.

Try and avoid any waxing when you are within a week of your period , the skin is VERY sensitive and can feel more painful.

Patience is a virtue – waxing will not as effective if you haven't waited long enough!


On the day of your appointment, exfoliate really well in the shower to loosen up dead skin and lift trapped hairs. You can do this a few different ways – using a body glove, brush or loofah.

After Your Wax:

Don't sunbathe, apply deodorant, tight fighting clothes or exercise right after your wax – your skin needs time to calm down after and sweat and the heat of the sun won't help!

Do not have a hot bath/shower or use a sauna, steam room or swimming pool for 24 hours.

Prevent Ingrown Hairs...

Afraid of ingrowns?

Keep ingrowns to a minimum by exfoliating regularly and using ingrown prevention products like Our ESPA Organic Tea Tree Gel (ask your therapist).

Wax it...


Full Legs £25.00

Half Top Legs £20.00

Three-quarter Legs £20.00

Half Legs £17.00

Bikini from £13.00

Bikini Brazilian from £23.00

Hollywood *Hot Waxing* £33.00

Hollywood “Every 4 weeks” £27.00

Underarms £11.00

Eyebrows £9.00

Lip £8.00

Chin £9.00

Lip ‘n’ Chin £13.50

Side of Face £10.00

Side of Face & Chin £16.00

Lower Arm £13.00

Full Arm £20.00

Tanning Tips - Before And After Care...

Warmer weather means less clothing, which means more skin on display - and for some people, that means a healthy tan is in order so as to avoid shining like a pale beacon when exposed to the light of day.

But it’s 2017 and we all know that baking our skin for real is out and a fake tan is in and we’ve go plenty of spray tan tips...

Spray tans last about a week...

This can vary from person to person, but they typically last about 5-7 days from one application.

Make sure you wax or shave 24hrs before your tan!

Shower and exfoliate before you tan...

Use a body scrub head to toe to slough away any dry, flaky skin before you get a spray tan so that the pigment will adhere smoothly for the most even results and no dry skin which could go a tad darker.

The colour won’t just wash off...

The pigment that spray tans leave behind is meant to slowly fade as your top layer of skin regenerates, so it’s not the kind of thing you can just scrub off.

That’s why it’s able to last up to a week.

Apply OUR SIENNA BODY BALM lotion every day to maintain your tan (ask your therapist).

Keeping your newly tanned skin hydrated is the best way to make the colour last longer, because it won’t dry out and need to be exfoliated prematurely.

Will it get darker after application?...
Spray tans will get darker from the time they’re applied and as the day progresses.

The colour takes a little while to fully develop, so don’t be alarmed if you notice it becoming darker.

To preserve your tan ...

Pat yourself dry rather than scour with a towel after getting out of the shower.

The idea is to not exfoliate till day 5 (gently so your tan fades evenly)

Avoid using loofahs or coarse washcloths for the same reason.

Avoid spraying perfume or using any body lotion/shower gel with Perfume or AHA'S in, these will have a lemon, citrus Aroma and encourage your tan to fade faster.

Avoid long hot baths. Shower instead.

Avoid sauna's steam rooms or swimming pools for 24 hours (or longer if can). As the chlorine my strip your tan faster.

We have tanned professional for 20 years and if you try and do the above, your tan will stay flawless for about 7 days!


Spray Tanning...

A bespoke tan that allows you to achieve different depths of colour, our qualified therapists will guide you towards a tan that will suit your skin type. Packed full of natural ingrediants, Aloe Vera, Calendula, Cocoa Butter, Green Tea, just to name a few ...

Whole Body £25.500

Upper Body £17.00

Whole Legs £17.00

Full range of products available to maintain and extend your tan

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Brozed Skin